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Recommended by 34 people
Recommended by 34 people
Matthew Drinkwalter
Best service ever! Professional, precise and clean. They know their electrical work and they know what to do. Got the job done and cleaned up their...  Read more
Nov 24, 2022
m s
the service was so fresh it will slap you if ray charles was alive he could see au electric is good and he was blind my smiling dog brooke gives...  Read more
Nov 17, 2022
Anthony Bemetz
Very professional, prompt and efficient company for your electrical needs.. Highly-rated by our family.. 
Nov 16, 2022
sammy roberts
They provided a fast, friendly and professional service. Definitely value added to any project you need them for. Can’t praise them enough. 
Nov 1, 2022
Julie Jamison
They were on time and explained everything in detail. Very professional and will definitely use them again. 
Nov 1, 2022
Gail Savoy
Very professional and helpful for all our needs for a new installation of power on our property.. Highly recommend this company for your electrical...  Read more
Oct 29, 2022

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